Regenerative Air Pre-Heater Performance Testing

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Demonstrating the thermal performance of an air pre-heater can be a critical parameter to determine the efficiency of boiler. Serving customers with our proven and long-established air heater performance test group, LTH is uniquely positioned to meet your needs and can conduct air pre-heater performance tests on coal and oil fired power plants of all manufacturers.

When L&T Howden conducts your performance tests, you gain the high-level engineering expertise of a trusted name in the power generation industry.

Features and Benefits:

  • Results Summary: After every performance test, LTH provides the customer with a comprehensive report that includes
    • Succinct summary of test results which can be used to document air preheater performance
    • Detailed data, explanations, and calculations that enable plant engineers to:
      • Trace measured data to final results
      • Provide records for future comparisons
  • Industry expertise: With extensive knowledge of Performance Test Codes (PTC), LTH provides:
    • Vital insights on code test requirements and expectations
    • Follows international codes and standards.
  • Quick Response: LTH has a dedicated force of performance test specialists who can respond quickly to customer needs based on changing demand. Our inventories of precision instrumentation at our factory allow us to meet testing needs for a full-scale performance test.


  • Capacity Testing: LTH can act as a third party to demonstrate air heater’s performance capability in accordance with manufacturer’s agreements—and to determine operational capability of the system.
  • Acceptance Testing: On behalf of the customer, LTH can conduct performance testing that evaluates compliance with contract performance guarantees for a major unit upgrade or a new unit installation.
  • Difference Testing: Working with the customer, LTH can help evaluate return on capital improvements by:
    • Identifying degradation of operating equipment
    • Recovery of performance following a major outage