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The core of the pre-heater, the heat exchange surface, is composed of several hundred tonnes of metal plates known as elements. For manufacturing element at LTH, we are equipped with an automated line designed, manufactured and installed by our JV partner Howden, Spain. The line is covered with safety and acoustic guarding. The production line is designed with quick changeover of profile rolls for various element profiles. Installed line can produce 8700 MT of elements/ year.

LTH has a range of element profiles rollers to suit the requirement of customers, both for new projects and for their after-sales requirement. For new projects element profiles are chosen by our Engineering Team to suit the gases and particles passing across the elements to get the maximum performance. They are packed in compact, open-sided containers that bring the element edges close to the rotor's radial plates so that none of the rotor space is wasted.

Element packing presses and packing procedures involved:

  • Advanced hydraulic circuitry, controls and load distribution system to produce an even and controlled distribution of pressure across the whole plate area.
  • The installation of dedicated, computer-monitored control panels that both prevent either under or over compression and provide an automatic packing record for each element basket.
  • Because of the application of these latest processes, we can ensure that the customer will receive consistent, high-quality element baskets that will be best suited to withstand the rigours of through-life operation. Such attention to detail inevitably results both in improved first quality and extended element life.
  • Elements can be assembled and welded to create full sector baskets matching the thermal performance obtained by more traditional manufacturing processes, but with extended element life as a result of the improved packing process. The result is consistent superior quality packing, giving reduction in element vibration due to steam soot blowing, and reduction of element movement in horizontal heaters.

The facility has steel coil storage systems to store variety of coils. Steel sheets are the input material which passes through the profiled roller, the profile gets generated on steel sheets and this cold rolled profile cuts into desired length and filled into the empty container which is pressed and welds to top cover plate.
After complete inspection on the basket it is sent for packing. Rust preventive packing is provided with tubular palletizing which ensure no damage occurs to the elements and basket in transit.

Operational Capabilities:

Max. Steel band width : 1220 mm
Range of steel thickness : From 0.5 mm to 1.2 mm