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The Fan Test shop at Hazira is a first of its kind, automated test shop in India, which can test all types of VARIAX® Axial fans up to 1200MW power plants. This shop is the tallest PEB structured shop in L&T’s Hazira Manufacturing complex.
Total shop area of 2600 sq m is equipped with a 25 tonne overhead crane. Fan Testing is a necessary requirement from the customer for each set of fan supplied to them.
Fan testing is performed in line with BS EN ISO 5801:2008 (BS 848-1:2007)

Test shop is equipped with casted bed plates and T-rails which can accommodate different size of fans. The area covered by the bed plates and T-rails is sufficient for testing a set of small and larger fan simultaneously. This Facility is capable to test 9 Fans/yr.

Fan test shop is connected with adequate power supply to test all size of fans. For testing 3.5 MW VFD motor is used to run the fan at full speed and load. Testing setup is arranged in such a way that single motor can be used for both small size and large size of fan. Shop is also equipped with cooling tower, Lub oil system and control oil system for facilitating the testing.

After receiving all the fan parts, a trained team perform the assembly of fan on the bed plates and arrange the duct train as per test protocol. All electrical equipment, testing equipment and instruments are then connected with fan to operate from the control room in fan test shop.

Acoustic sound proofing is done in control room which reduce the sound level to 60 db during the testing of fan. For running the test of fan, fully automated panel is installed in control room this give controlling of fan parameters as well as instantaneous result on fan efficiency and flow form single place. We are the only one in India having this type of facility